Monday, August 8, 2016

CWA Lagoon

Some reports of a Whimbrel being seen at CWA Lagoon prompted me to make a visit, come along with me....
I was going to say that I arrived bright and early except that I got there so early there was no 'brightness' about it - but, the birds don't seem to mind as they were already there feeding away.

I bumped into Janet & Aaron Kirk and we all admired this Great Blue Heron and how classic his pose was.

I'm liking how the sky is turning blue, the stairs to heaven are a definite plus and I'm hoping the weather will clear up.

The Black Scoter is still hanging in its regular spot - patiently waiting for others to join her in the fall.

A bit of pink from the Roseate Spoonbill is bringing some brightness to a dreary day.

Oh My! What do we have here?

It's a Black Tern! This bird holds a sweet memory from a few years back when Carol & John Herr and I visited this very spot and saw our very first Black Tern - we were very happy with our find - what a great day that was!

A pair of them is very sweet and in breeding plumage too!

The Black Tern is slightly bigger than the Least Tern which is our smallest Tern.

And, my go-to bird has arrived and I'm glad it is only sprinkling at this point and that I

can take its photo.

Nearby is an American Oystercatcher with a green band.

The Whimbrel in the company of Marbled Godwits.

Some fancy footwork from a pair of Reddish Egret - quite entertaining.

More Roseate Spoonbills in their pretty pink.

Some footloose from the Marbled Godwit

while the American Oystercatcher was busy shaking the water off

....all clean now.

A SemiPalmated Plover was hunkering down.

Everytime I make it there, I always wonder why I don't make the trip more often as it is such a lovely spot.

I just love this bird with its bubble gum pink bill.

On my way back I made a quick stop at Bowitch Park - this lovely immature Little Blue watched its reflection in the little pool.

A Gray Kingbird kept diving down for flying insects before returning to its mangrove perch.

A young Sandwich Tern - interesting how the bill is yellow....but soon enough it will blend in with the rest of the flock.


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