Friday, September 27, 2013

Fabulous Florida Fall

 Early morning at the Lighthouse Point with the sun rising and the birds flying - doesn't get any better than that.
Ovenbird - how very special and precious.....seems to be of a curious nature too.

I love those bursts of color that pops in the tree - making me play the guessing games as I'm learning. This I believe to be a Blackburnian.

What a beautiful surprise! These are the signs of migration taking place. A Blue Grossbeak.

How can a stunning bird like this be called a "Common" yellow throat? 

Here we have a Palm Warbler.

A Magnolia - too fast for me to capture his pretty face.

A Green Heron which kept moving further and further away as the joggers sped by on the boardwalk.

Another Palm Warbler.

A Sparrow! He was a surprise when I put my photos on the computer. I've exchanged a few notes with another birder and it would seem to be a "Clay-colored Sparrow".

Another new sighting for me today and gulp....I'm not positive whether I remember it's rightful name - anyone? A Merlin?

A Yellow-throated Warbler, me thinks.

Here was another surprise for me, at first I dismissed it - thinking that it was just another Red-bellied Woodpecker - but no, it turned out to be a Starling in its new winter plummage - thanks to the "savant" birder who was sharing his extensive knowledge.

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  1. Beautiful photos! What a special day at the Sanibel Lighthouse.

    1. Carol and John, You would have loved it! There were so many species for that day for me and I've added quite a few to my list - not to mention that "rare" clay-colored sparrow - how fun is that! I hope you are doing well and that John is taking good care of you while you are recouperating.

  2. Wonderful collection of warblers and photos. The sunrise is gorgeous too.

    1. Thanks Eileen. There is something magical about being up very early in the morning and witnessing a brand new day filled with promises - yeah!

    2. You sure do manage to det some great pictures. They are all different types of birds. You are getting a great education while having fun.