Saturday, November 12, 2016

Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum

A couple of months ago I sought employment and I feel very blessed to have found an interesting position at the Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum. Since some of my family were visiting for an early Thanksgiving gathering - we made a point of going to the Museum and had a great time....come along and see for yourself....
My grandson Zane as he patiently waits for all of us.

Everyone found something interesting to look at and we all learned something in the process.

Zane is being helped with the Scavenger Hunt - he did quite well and found every shell on his sheet.

One of my favorite exhibit.

It was early in the morning and as such we had a quiet museum to ourselves - this will soon change.

My husband Tony - reading away.

The Scallops makes one very colorful exhibit.

On the ground floor there is more to learn.

My Island - there's no place like home!

It was time for the live Tank talk - Rich entertained and shared much about the live Mollusks and the shells they leave behind.

All good things must come to an end - I turn around and admire this beautiful building and feel proud to be part of the staff.

Make sure to visit - there is much to do for the entire family.


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