Saturday, December 17, 2016

CBC for San-Cap Audubon group in Sanibel

I felt very excited to have been granted a new section for the Christmas Bird Count with the Sanibel-Captiva Audubon group - knowing the area and having two great birding friends to do it with made it even more delicious. Come along.....
The air was a bit crispy this morning however it made for a clear blue sky - and a Bald Eagle in it made it even more special. And off we entered the Pond Apple Trail - this particular trail turned out to be rather quiet this morning, that changed when we made our way around the retention ponds.

We enjoyed watching this Wood Stork working hard at getting ready to swallow its fresh catch.

Not too far away we marveled at the fact that there was a Ring-necked Duck occupying one of the ponds.

A Wren captured our attention for the longest time because it kept away from sight and at times providing small glimpse of parts of its body....

until it stayed long enough for us to study it and to finally be able to call it: Marsh Wren.

Another great sighting was 3 Black-crowned Night Heron with one staying out in the open while looking for some fish to eat.

One of many Green Herons.

An Osprey which seemed to have a lot more white on its head and body than we are used to seeing - Elaine had just attended a lecture the night before and she stated that we might have a Ridgeway Osprey - a sub-specie.

After documenting 4 hours of bird sighting for the Pond Apple Trail and the Shipley Trail, we made our way out and took a bit of time admiring this Great Pondhawk...

its head and thorax are bright green, its wings on the other hand are transparent....what's not to love! Overall I think we had a great morning, here is my E-Bird list that I turned in to the San-Cap Audubon for the Christmas Bird Count. I hope you get to go out and do your part.

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