Monday, March 6, 2017

Pelicans at Bowman

After birding most of the weekend - Elaine and I decided to hit the beach for some shelling - HA! sometimes the best plans are meant to be broken.....instead I bring you Brown Pelicans....
To be perfectly honest I have to admit that I didn't use to pay attention to the Pelicans until I developed a passion for birding and now....

every time I see them I notice their intricate differences....the young ones are all brown and..

the older they get the more colorful they become.

And look how flexible that pouch is!

I also noticed today that their eyes are a different color as they age

a perfect example right here.

"What are you looking at?" it seems to say.

A mere few others were sighted - this White Ibis is just begging for admiration and why not!

And the Plovers are pairing up - soon they'll be sitting on eggs.

Three Wilson Plovers - can you see them all?

Pretty tricky wasn't it?

Well, I hope you enjoyed our sightings....come back later for more :)


  1. Oh, you got Wilson's! I loved the picture of the napping Snowy Plovers. We have several pairs scraping on Siesta, at the height of the season with tourists tromping all over. Enough to give our beach stewards apoplexy! No confirmed nests yet. Brown Pelicans, whom some believe not very lovable, were my first love. As a teen in the '60s, I read about their plight from DDT, and I remember actually crying. Glad they have made such a comeback---

  2. I watched a video about pelicans that were being taken care of by this family in California. The pelicans had been rescued and rehabilitated but could not be released in the wild, the pelicans were treated as if they were part of the family. They also mentioned that with eye contact there was an instant bond, I think about that every time I see a pelican.