Monday, March 19, 2018

Babcock Webb with the Caloosa Bird Club

A visit to Babcock Webb had been anticipated with excitement especially since I hadn't been there in a couple of early start did not bother me and it was super special because Dotty offered to drive - what a bonus! We started off the day driving in the fog - which seems to be usual for this time of the year - and arrived in the fog too .... we sat in the parking lot and while waiting for the rest of the group - we enjoyed being serenaded by the Chuck-Will's Widows....once everyone arrived we combined cars/people and off we go....
Our view was quite lovely as the fog started to dissipate but not before getting foggier

We arrived at our chosen location and positioned ourselves so that we could see the Red-Cockated Woodpecker come out of its nest....we waited and waited and finally abandoned the idea and moved on further down the dirt road until we found them...

they were out and about - eating and chiseling wood....then we saw two together...

We heard many Meadowlarks but only saw a couple - they were pretty good at staying out of 'eyes' view.

Same scenario with the Eastern Towhee - though we were able to observe several singing their little heart away.

One of three curious Deer looking us over.

More Towhees

And, folks, that's all the pictures that I have to show for this great trip - how appropriate to have this Bluebird sitting on a 'smiling' branch :) it was a very good day indeed. My e-bird list for today:

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