Monday, March 12, 2018

The Bailey Tract in March

The weather has been beautiful - the kind that makes everyone wish they lived in Florida, the Bailey Tract has been a bit quiet bird wise - possibly because of the bulldozers - however the birds being seen were worth a, come and take a look.....
I was able to catch sight of the Sora even though the sun wasn't up yet, I also saw Clapper Rails and American Bitterns however no photos to show.

A Snipe was near the edge of the road and surprisingly it stayed put while I took this photo, it always feels like a treat when I see them.

This male Kingfisher stayed perched long enough for good views - the wind on the other hand produced a bad hair day.

A Yellow-bellied Sapsucker is always a good find as far as I'm concerned.

A favorite creature for all the tourists that visits the area.

And a visit from a bright male Cardinal always brightens my day.

The first Black-necked Stilt of the season has arrived in Sanibel and landed at the Bailey Tract.

The Cormorant seems in a state of wondering where the wildlife will go when they close the Bailey Tract next month.

The work began a few weeks back - Fish & Wildlife had bulldozers in action - removing many of the hardwoods - the plan is to restore the habitat to what it was years ago.

This is the southernmost finger lake along the Tarpon Bay Road.

And beginning April 15, the Ani Pond (which is the first pond you see when you enter the Bailey Tract) will get filled with an attempt to recover the Spartina Marsh from long ago - also re-creating the habitat for the Rice Rat  - which is native to Sanibel.....not to won't see this rat since it hides well and is also very small.

In the meantime the Mottled Ducks are enjoying what little time there is left in the Ani Pond.

So, stay tuned - I'll keep you in the loop.

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