Monday, March 12, 2018

6 miles Cypress Slough

I had a couple opportunities to visit the Slough this past month and as always I came back with extra peace in my backpack....come along and hopefully experience this peace as well.....
The Lillies are always welcoming when you enter the slough.

On the other side of the pond - away from foot traffic - several birds are nesting, here's a pair of Great Egret.

In the back - where the Grandfather tree is.

In the shadows of the Cypress Trees - bright bromeliads are tentalizing.

A bright and colorful Cormorant takes advantage of the floating dock to rest in between meals.

More Limpkins are making their way into the slough - the food is there for them.

A tree that reminded me of a screaming face - perhaps because some of the boardwalk is closed due to extra stress being caused to the nesting Barred Owls by peeping eyes and extra photography - of course, that's my rendition of this tree, you are welcome to make it something else.

Many Green Herons were seen hunting for food.

A Water snake - isn't it lovely!

Somewhere in this forest of trees - a pair of Barred Owls is nesting.....who cooks for what they say.

Another Green Heron - check the bright plumage.

And, that's all folks, - take some time and go embrace the slough and experience some of that peace too.

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