Thursday, July 11, 2013

Beach Stroll

On my turtle patrol day, I enjoy the return trip as I take into account the beach birds that are feeding. Today seemed to be a bit busier than usual and luckily for the birds, there wasn't a whole lot of people traffic.
 Isn't it amazing how pelicans can sit on such a small branch! I seem to always forget how lightweight they are - their visual size is deceiving.
 Those two willets look like they are nestling together - maybe they were.
 The Ibis family were flocking together this morning - lots to eat.
 Sweet and precious little snowy plover - I observed 5 of them this morning, moving as fast as can be.
Doesn't this Great Blue Heron look like he's king of the beach? I like how he stands so tall....a great reminder to straighten up.

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