Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bunche Beach - Guided Bird Tour

On my way to the Guided bird tour - put out by , I made a point of stopping along the causeway in order to catch the first rays of the day.

I was not disappointed.

I was greeted at my destination, Bunche Beach Preserve in Ft.Myers, Florida

I checked the facilities, the parking fee machine and the general area. I caught sight of this Mangrove  Buckeye (thanks Bob, for the tip).

The Common Ground Dove flitted about - I think he had first dibs on the place this morning.

I made my way down to the beach as I was way early and walked to the East, a Bald Eagle flew overhead as I was drinking in the sight. This Piping Plover welcomed me and made me smile as he reminds me of my grandson with softness and big bright eyes.

A Semipalmated wasn't too far.

A Short-billed Dowitcher was busy probing and feeding.

Toe prints in the sand.

Another Piping Plover and this one has bling! I couldn't get near enough to be able to read off the numbers.

A Mangrove Crab playing hide-n-seek. I let him win because I noticed that my group was forming and it was time for me to join in.

A Yellow-throated Warbler greeted the group and a White Eyed Vireo was singing in the bushes. A few Cardinals came by and sang to us too.

The leaders of the group set up their scopes and talked about the various shore birds that we were seeing. This group here has Sandwich, Least and Black Terns as well as Black Skimmers and Laughing Gulls.

Who do you think the shy guy is?

If you guessed a Marbled Godwit - you were right!
This was a great guided trip with very knowledgeable folks - I look forward to the next one and for the opportunities to learn more along the way.

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  1. What a nice pictorial of what looks like (and sounds from you like) a great birding day. There is something about a Piping Plover--and all the Plovers, really--that make my day. I also love the landscape images.

    1. Thanks, it was a great day....heck....any day birding IS a great day!


  2. Wonderful report, France. The Bald Eagle would have been a first of season sighting for me. It's good to know they are back. I don't recall seeing your banded Piping Plover before, although I see one particular PIPL several times a year at Bunche. Please report your banded bird with image attached to Alice Van Zoeren at (her email address). She will let you know where the bird you saw was born. Congrats on finding the Black Terns at Bunche. I have yet to see them there.

    1. Oh, thanks for that info - I will contact Alice Van Zoeren and share my photos with her - I Look forward to know where this little guy has been.
      You know, other than Bunche Beach - I saw the Black Terns on the Causeway from Sanibel - The B Island on the Southeast end, also saw one about a month ago at the CWA in Ft.Myers Beach (have photo of that one sighting - posted previously on my blog).
      Don't know about you, but I'm excited that the birds are starting to come back.

    2. It appears that e-mail address is no longer valid as it keeps on returning to me as being 'un-deliverable'.

    3. Hi France, I have sent an email to Alice's private email to determine how to best proceed with contact offering the report. She may request that you include the image through the normal channels via the University of Minnesota for the plover sighting. I've been meaning to provide quick links at the blog (reporting sightings of birds that offer feedback), unfortunately a rarity. Is Charlie's image shown today yours? Obrock and I observed Black Terns at the Everglades Agricultural Area earlier this month. Good subjects in transitional plumage. The return of the wood species was earlier in the month seen with a trip to Paynes Prairie. A long drive it was for a day trip, but well worth it. Mississippi Kite was a highlight for me. A second year of observation of the species. The Swallow-tailed Kite was like a reply in time and space with bonus material.

    4. Does the banding ever get discussed on birdbrain? I would like more information myself, now that I am more involved in bird watching, it seems that I come across banded birds more....probably just me being more aware. Anyway, I look forward to hear from Alice. Also, my banded bird was a Piping Plover, Charlie's bird was a Semipalmated Plover. His had a yellow flag and mine has a red flag.

  3. Thank you for sharing your beach outing! I really enjoyed getting my feet wet.
    Nice collection of birds!
    You're right, any day birding is a GOOD day!