Monday, August 26, 2013

Mr. Bob

Mr Bob - the bobcat. On the lucky occasion that I happen to be at the right place at the right time, I get to witness Mr. Bob going through my back yard and I get to watch him as he crosses my neighbor's yard.

Not only does he get busy marking his territory but as you can see - he loves to frolic as well.

He gets a drink and take his sweet time - this is after all .... Florida time.

This is Mr.Bob looking at me and probably wondering what I am up to. Shortly after that - off he went to do whatever Mr. Bob does.


  1. Dang it France...He is beautiful. I consider you lucky also,to be far enough away
    to take these awesome pictures and not become a meal. I just love your camera. I may have to join you and Larissa and get myself one like it....

  2. France, I too consider you lucky. To be able to take such beautiful pictures, from a distance so not to become a meal to Mr. Bob.... How exciting this must have been for you.... He is absolutely handsome and gentle looking actually.