Monday, November 11, 2013

Around the big Lake

We took a trip across the state and added a small detour on the way to our destination. I was amazed how many Kestrels we say on the power lines - they were as numerous as the Kingfishers.....that to me was interesting because in my area I can see one or two per day, not the 100x that we saw on Friday.

The Crested Caracara made several appearances too - I love to see them fly and to get a glimpse of them in the fields.

We found out after a while that he was feasting on a rabbit.

The Wood Stork - beautiful in its own way.

A Black Crowned Night Heron was hanging around a small zoo - I almost didn't recognized it because of the grey-er plummage.

A Sanderling in its winter plummage.

Blowing Rocks Preserve - a stretch of beach along the East Coast that reminded me of California. It is said that if the tides are high and the wind is blowing from the east that the water can spray up to 50ft into the air.

More Sanderlings.

A Golden Orb Spider - beautiful, big and colorful. I have to admit that I am not especially attracted to spiders.

A sweet, sweet sighting this morning at Peck Park in Hobe Sound - 2 fall juvenile Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers

An Eurasian-collared Dove, he kept us company as we ate lunch in between driving spurts on the way home.

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  1. Wow just love all the photos. I love the color of the beak on the Crested Caracara. The wood stork is very white. Never realized how white they are. The little feather in the sanderling makes him.