Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Sunday drive

What a way to start the day! A tree fully decorated with Palm Warblers and Yellow-rumped many can you find?

The Yellow-rumped has arrived at the Bailey Tract.

The Mockingbird - I believe that he has gotten to know me because he doesn't even move when I go by.

The Brown Pelicans were flying - solo and in the Gulf they go.

The Palm Warbler - which at the time I mistakenly believed that it was a Prairie because of the bars on the belly and the yellow under the eye - however, the tail is a telltale for sure.

Sweet Phoebe who sings "Phoebe".

The Coot Family - snug as a bug in the reeds.

The Common Gallinule - or is it Moorhen?? An adult with a juvenile.

The Bailey Tract Ani Pond with 4 Grebes.

Here's another Mockingbird - curious and quiet.

A Tri-colored Heron - posing still. Check out those pink eyes!

The Anhinga - all dried up and ready for another swim.

Here is what I think is a Northen Harrier - I know....bad photo....but I'm hoping my friend Robert - the raptor expert - will clarify.


  1. I just love all your shots. So very nice and clear.

  2. Nice. Please note that the "Fall Prairie Warbler" is really a Palm Warbler. For a comparison, you can check out

    1. Thank you noticing and for taking the time to write.