Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sweet Saturday

Sweet Saturday indeed! I went through the Wildlife Drive this morning and lost myself in the moments - yes, very sweet indeed.
The White Pelicans are back - this was evident as they were seen at many different locations along the drive. It was windy and the rain had just stopped - the sky was gray and filled with humidity.
And look, in the background, there's a mullet out of the water - stroke of luck if you ask me.

The Pelicans couldn't care less - they were busy and had important things to do.

Then I spotted them - a fleet of Magnificent Frigatebirds roosting and flying out of a mangrove island - they could be seen on the right side of the Wildlife drive by the Tower area. My estimate is that there were 50 of them - adults male and female as well as juvenile. This is as far as my zoom on my Canon SX50 could take me.

A bit fuzzy but a pair can be seen on the mid left portion of the photo.

Cormorants were busy feeding on the opposite side of the road - keeping an eye out for humans too.

Blue-winged Teal - 4 of them - very lovely.....I've missed them.

My only regrets was that I had to leave ..... time sure flies when you're having fun.
My E-Bird List for today - 38 species. 


  1. Nice report, France. I have never seen MAFR roosting locally.

  2. Bob, for the past 3 days I have seen numerous MAFR - mostly in thermal and in groups of 20+...even this afternoon they were around the Sanibel Causeway.....dangerous conditions if you're watching while driving :D