Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saltmarsh Sparrow at the Saltmarsh Flats

This was the first sparrow that was located.

This was the second sparrow that was seen a few minutes after the first one. We had a third sighting, with two sparrow on the same mangrove tree, unfortunately I wasn't able to put my lens on it.

The Saltmarsh


  1. Although I've yet to encounter either of these species you mention, it appears you have documented Saltmarsh Sparrow. Note the "dark streaks" mentioned by Sibley. Your bird has a long bill. There should then be no question that you observed SALS as opposed to interior Nelson's Sparrow. My Sibley guide notes the bird you observed as Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow, dating the 2000 publication (sixth printing) and the evolving nature of bird evolution study since the split of the species. I look forward to visiting the Bunche Beach salt marsh in the future with hopes of making similar observations.

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  3. It helps to have a large group in order to flush the bird out. It likes to run on the ground and hide - very hard to find. A beautiful setting and peaceful place - worth the trip and effort.

  4. Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow. Longer bill, streaking in supercilium and a thin malar stripe are a few differences versus the Nelson's.

    1. Thanks Robert. Many details that were mentioned - such as yours - makes the i.d. clear as black and white.