Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Vince's backyard.

A while back - one of our birder extraordinaire - extended an invitation to anyone who wished to see a Dicksissell - to come over anytime. We - Carol, John and I, made a point of stopping there on our way home after birding most of the day and we were treated to some nice sightings indeed. Thank You Vince, you made our day!
A Catbird enjoying a refreshment.

Common Grackles cleaning up the overlooked seeds.

Vince - watch out - this is your seed thief! We saw it in action and he has a partner too!

Enjoying every last bit.

A Female Painted Bunting.

A male English Sparrow with a Common Grackle.

Harmony by the bird feeders - side by side - enjoying their fill.

The Male Painted Bunting - in all its glory.

So many camera shot opportunities and so little light to capture it all - my only downside to this perfect sighting.

Another Female Painted Bunting.

We did get to see the Dicksissel - however no photos to show you, maybe next time.


  1. Great series, the Painted Bunting are my favorite. They are beautiful!

  2. Looks like you had a very full day...I have never seen the Common Crackle. Like the markings, but my favorite is the painted the bright colors.

  3. I agree with the both of you - Painted Buntings are hard to beat with their colors.