Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A visit to Green Cay with the Caloosa Bird Club

This is one trip that I had heard about the year prior to joining the Caloosa Bird Club and it was with great anticipation that I boarded the bus to go to Green Cay.
What a beautiful setting with a lot of wildlife to observe, you be the judge....
What a nice welcome this was!

So much ground to cover or should I say boardwalk....and so little time.

The wildlife is so close and feels quite comfortable just BEing. There were  many walkers going by quickly, the birds/ducks don't seem to mind at all and might just be entertained by watching us.

Those turtles always make me smile with their 'uppitty' air about them.

Check my feet out - I bet you can't beat that!

Piggy back riding.

It was really sweet to come upon this shady little corner and to be able to watch the Painted Bunting feeding - they are such a bright palette.

A White Ibis with its breeding plumage.

Very cute and so delighted to be able to watch this little Common Gallinule Chick...ahem, ahem, sorry but this little guy is really a downy coot bad.

The elusive Least Bittern treated us to some nice sightings.

The Sora on the other end stayed well hidden.

The Red-winged Blackbirds sang all around us - showing their bright colors.

"Ahhhh....a good stretch always feels so good."

"Are you looking at me?"

The club's mascot.....a Green Heron

The next time you happen to be in Palm Beach County, I highly recommend a visit.

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