Saturday, April 12, 2014

SanCap Audubon bird walk at the Sanibel Lighthouse

This morning was the last scheduled SanCap Audubon bird walk of the season and I'm sorry to see the majority of the people returning  north until next fall. I want you to know that I appreciate all that you've contributed to my learning curve in the birding world and that I'm going to miss you come back soon.

 In any event - this morning's walk was very well attended and  exciting since migration is still taking place....take a look of some of the feathered friends that we bumped into.

Hooded Warbler was still sighted - jumping and flitting about - what a burst of sunshine he is.

Only a handfull of Orchard Oriole was spotted this morning.

The Western Kingbird was just right in the sunlight - his yellow belly even more golden.

Eastern Kingbird are still plentiful.

Here was a nice treat - an Indigo Bunting next to a Blue Grosbeak - not something that happens very often and what a great opportunity to notice the difference between the two.

The Blue Jay - always nice to see around here because it is not a common sight for Sanibel.

More Indigo Buntings

A warbler whizzing by - Yellow-throated Warbler.

The Gray Kingbird - by itself and very stately.

And the White-eyed Vireo - more often heard than seen.  

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  1. Lovely variety of birds. So many pretty colors. Great shots!