Sunday, April 13, 2014

Peaceful path

It had been a week since my last visit at the Sanibel Garden Preserve and the Bailey Tract and I felt the need to be in a peaceful place this morning - while visiting my feathered friends, it was a nice surprise to see the Swallow-tailed Kites right were I saw them the last time.
This morning there were 10, all perched in trees - getting ready for the day.

I left the Kites behind and proceeded to the pond next to the cell phone tower - this Ibis has a sweet personality - just looking at his face, I could see great character.

The red face and white eye is indication that this is a breeding adult.

A Cattle Egret was perched with a juvenile Ibis and an Anhinga.

The Belted Kingfisher shrill was heard and I soon spotted him as he landed on the top of this dead branch - sweet spot for me to study him.

I soon made it back to the beginning of the trail and was surprised to see that the Kites were still here.

This is where I stood - as evident in my shadow - while observing the Kites.

Interesting to see them perching within those branches.
 My E-Bird List for the Garden Preserve
I made my way across to the Bailey Tract - one of the Black-necked Stilt pair was busy feeding along the Middle Dike.

Then I spotted what I thought was a Kestrel and wondered why it was still around - however - when I got home and put the pics on my PC, I realized that I had been looking at a Merlin.

This male Common Ground-Dove was busy foraging the open ground.

Then I looked up when I heard the sound of the Red-eyed Vireo.

Boy! Was I pleasantly surprised to see that I've finally capture the "red" eye - sweet.

Eastern Kingbird came over for a visit along the Airplane Canal.

The wild flowers are plentiful and change with the season - this fresh clump of Southern Fleabane was appealing to the eye and happens to bloom year around in south Florida.

The Merlin was still around.

The Great Blue Heron flew over my head and landed on a tall branch by the Smith Pond.

This position reminded me of families of Great Blue Herons that I have seen nesting over the past few months.

Off he went - deeper into the vegetation....not a small feat for such a big bird.

 I was glad that I chose to spend time there this morning - it was soothing and rejuvenating to my soul. My E-bird List for the Bailey Tract


  1. Wow, I am just amazed at all the kites together. They are cool birds! Great variety and wonderful photos from your outing! Enjoy your new week!

  2. Glad you had the opportunity to spend time with your feathered friends... The blue heron I found a few days goes looks like he may have moved on, but at least I got to use my camera and get some pics.