Monday, January 5, 2015

Big Cypress area with Caloosa Bird Club

Monday is Caloosa Bird Club day and destination this week was the Big Cypress area, our first stop was on the Marsh Trail.
Beautiful vista everywhere you look, on the second photo we could see the top of a high rise from Marco Island.

Our Mascot - the Green Heron - was one of our first sighting.

After checking the area and seeing a handful of birds, we moved on to the next spot - Big Cypress.

The Black Vulture and the Turkey Vulture welcomed us to the center - actually, if truth be told - they barely looked at us as we walked by them - LOL, I bet they see tons of people enter this boardwalk.

As we made our way to the back/end of boardwalk, we saw several species feeding and moving about - the Great Blue Heron above and the Black-crowned Night Heron below.

A water snake lurked just below the boardwalk.

After watching several warblers, woodpeckers and titmouse - we headed off to our next spot - Kirby Storter.

The beginning of this trail (boardwalk) is surrounded by Bald Cypress in their dormant state.

As we got deeper onto the boardwalk more wildlife came into view - this Green Heron is really showing his green coat - the lighting was helpful too.

And what have we got here?

An American Bittern.

The Bittern is a wading bird with long legs, neck and bill for stalking food in shallow water.

As we headed back, we had the opportunity to watch the Green Heron in action - he is quite adept at jumping from branch to branch without missing a beat - ever so graceful.

The Wood Storks were now resting after feeding all morning.

When we exited the boardwalk, we sat and enjoyed our lunch while discussing the sighting of the day - American Bittern was chosen as the bird of the day. As we parted ways - some folks mentioned other venues they were heading to - we started heading north and made a quick stop at Burn Lake. 

Our target: Bluebirds! 
I don't get to see Bluebirds but a couple times per year and I wish it was more often.

Except for a few tents and a couple of RV, the place was really quiet - save for the Bluebirds, Warblers and Woodpeckers - well worth the couple of miles of dirt road.

Of course Big Cypress would not be right without Alligators - this big guy was seen by the HP ? facility boardwalk.

My E-Bird List for the day in Collier Co.

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