Friday, April 24, 2015

Black-necked Stilt love at the Bailey Tract

It seems that love is in the air every time I turn around and today was no exception. 
This morning I felt especially blessed to be witnessing a pair of Black-necked Stilt - as I stood still I was able to observe  through my camera lens the intricate details of a loving courtship and I'm happy to share it with you....come and take a peek....

This Black-necked Stilt was seen preening - perhaps in preparation for some special encounter of a love is after all breeding season for them. 
It wasn't long before the female displayed welcoming signs of acceptance....

she bowed down while keeping her body in a somewhat horizontal posture

The male on the other hand kept going in circles around her

These circling motions went on for a couple minutes - the female being still and patient

And then, he jumped on her back - ever so gently

and they copulated for what seemed to be 10 seconds at the most

They then stood side-by-side and seemed to share a tender moment

Head to head and cheek to cheek.

 And so it goes - soon the building of the nest and the laying of the eggs will take place and if all goes well we might get to observe the chicks....let's wish them well.