Sunday, April 19, 2015

A visit at Bunche Beach

The tides are running low and it's early in the morning - this makes for a perfect combination to visit Bunche Beach....come along...
 As to be expected - the Black Skimmers were present in great numbers.
The birds are hungry and foraging for food - such as this Little Blue Heron.

The Red Knot - look how beautiful they are in their breeding plumage! Soon they will leave and head north.

A Least Sandpiper - the smallest peep of them all.

A Dunlin in the background with its turning black belly.

Red Knots are so much easier to identify with their red belly.

More Dunlins

One of my favorites - the Short-billed Dowitcher - this one too is sporting its bright plumage before heading north.

A Snowy Egret - snow white with yellow slippers matching the yellow lore.
The Little Blue Heron.

A Semipalmated Plover - one of many that were foraging.

A Piping Plover - getting ready to do poop....
As Ed Combs said: "He looks very patriotic with its red/white/blue colors" and I have to agree.

The tide was coming in and slowly the birds started to leave. 

As I was heading out, I caught sight of a Willet with its fresh catch - Crab! Yum!

 And that, concludes my low tide visit, folks...until the next time. My E-Bird List for today.

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  1. Really, France, a pooping piping plover? Ken says that's taking alliteration a little too far. Thanks for
    the great pictures. Always a pleasure when you invite us along--