Saturday, June 13, 2015

Least Tern

I had the opportunity to visit CWA in Ft.Myers Beach this morning with my friend Jewel - while we were there we were entertained by many of the families that are nesting at this time of the year, particularly the Least Tern.
The Least Tern is the smallest of an array of terns that nest on relatively open beaches in colonies.
The nest is a shallow scrape in the sand, to which bits of shell, wood or grass stems are occasionally added after incubation has begun. 2 or 3 beige to light olive brown colored eggs are incubated for 19-25 days.

The male and the female share duties throughout nesting and chick-rearing - small fish is brought to the chick for food.

A young chick.

An older chick with the parent.

A very young chick.

Chicks leave the nest at about age 2 d, well in advance of first flight at about 20 days


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