Monday, October 19, 2015

Seing pink

I started my week by driving through Ding Darling this morning - it was high tide and it was quite windy with gust up to 25+ mph but that doesn't bother me because any day birding makes for a great day. It was on the quite side however it provided some beautiful eye candy - cotton candy perhaps ..... take a look...

One of them is banded.

After all this preening - it is time to let it all hang out and enjoy a well deserved snooze.


  1. Beautiful spoonbill pictures, France!

    1. Thanks Adele, with a beautiful subject such as these - no one can go wrong.

  2. Years ago, I had this on a T-shirt I got at Corkscrew Swamp: Flame bird! Bird of the Dawn! It is as if
    an orchid has spread its wings and flown!. Sorry, don't know the author or rest of the poem. The other
    day I found my second EVER molted Spoonbill feather on north Siesta Key--made my day!
    Beautiful birds, beautiful pictures--again, thank you.
    Bird On-

    1. Nice to see you again Patch.
      Wow - a Roseate feather would really be a fantastic addition to my collection .... they are indeed rare to come by.