Friday, November 6, 2015

Bailey Tract - early November

I love the fact that every time I visit the Bailey Tract I get to see different things to entertain my spirit and this week held many sweet surprises.
I wish I had a photo of all the species I saw but that's okay - those that took the time to slow down and pose were really precious.
Such as the Eastern Phoebe - his song is as sweet as its demeanor.

This Pied-billed Grebe had just finished taking a good bath.

And the House Wrens! Oh My! They are so numerous that I think they might be crowding the Carolina Wren aside.

The Red-Shouldered Hawk feels quite a ease using his voice to the highest decibels.

The Gray Catbirds are everywhere and it's quite interesting to listen to their wide array of tunes. My E-bird List for Nov 4, 2015.

It was quite obvious this morning that the Yellow-rumped Warblers have arrived!

It's been a long time since I've seen them in numbers, I'm glad they are back.

I couldn't pass this Gulf Fritillary by without taking its photo.

Many Brown Pelicans passed me by.

Well, it is interesting wouldn't you say that my day begins with a greeting from the Grebe and a farewell too.

I'll take it and I'll be back! My E-bird list for this morning.

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