Thursday, February 25, 2016

Back on the beach

A cold front has come through and I can hear the surf - it's time for a visit at the beach.
It didn't take me long to find a group of birds - can you see them?

They blend so well with their environment that sometimes they can be missed all together if they don't move.....a handful of Ruddy Turnstone and one Red Knot.

The Snowy Plovers were hanging by the rack line, soon it will be nesting season.

The Snowy Plover blend extremely well too - see if you can find the pair in the photo below.

A Dunlin hanging out with the Sanderlings.

A few more Dunlins in this group....soon they will develop that black patch on their belly just prior to taking the flight north for their nesting season.

An adult Herring Gull

An adult Lesser Black-backed Gull

Gulls can be really tricky to identify because they change over the course of 4 years and the season brings on another change - oy!

An adult Brown Pelican

A Red Knot

A reaction to the cold front - shells/starfish/etc wash up on the beach - some will make it but many will die.

They look pretty but they don't smell so good.

Same with the Horse Conch

The crab traps get dislodged from their 'anchors' and wash up on the beach - some good folks gathered them up in one pile, thank you.


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