Saturday, February 27, 2016

Great White Heron

Recently I've been blessed to see Great White Herons - one at the Myakka River, one is mating locally with a Great Blue Heron and another is being seen at the Pond Apple retention pond area on Sanibel. What a beautiful bird this is and how lucky I feel that I saw three of them so far this year.
My friend Diane and I turned the corner and were pleasantly surprised to find it....

we stopped on our track, kept our distance and watched.

It came out of the reeds and moved into a different location with the hopes of finding something to eat.

Today I payed close attention to several details - such as the bill being bi-colored and the face being blue....

its legs are flesh colored and I realized this was the first time that I could actually see the legs as it was out and about as opposed to being knee deep in water or up high in a nest.

A good shake/fluff is helpful to get rid of bugs and flies.

I'd say this was time well spent observing this specie - time to give it some breathing space so that he can concentrate on finding food.


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  1. Very nice France :-) I don't quite see the blue lores (is that what u were referring to?) but I wouldn't be surprised. Thanks for the treat - B.