Friday, February 19, 2016

Meeting up with Mr.Bob - the Bobcat

It had been a while since I bumped face to face with a Bobcat and I welcomed the opportunity.
I was coming out of the Bailey Tract and I was heading over to the Sanibel Garden Preserve when I noticed this Bobcat - most likely watching a possible prey or just plain resting.

He seemed undisturbed by my presence and while keeping my distance I watched him.

I noticed that down the road a couple of bikers were heading my way and the Bobcat sensed that as well, he retreated into the woods.

I assumed that he kept on going further in, so I took that time to review my photos. The bikers kept on going and when I turned my head back, I was surprised to see the Bobcat coming out of the woods.

He watched me for a bit - or should I say we watched each other.

After a bit, I think he figured that it was safe to proceed....

staying close to the vegetation and keeping an eye on me - he headed for the.....

Bailey Tract.

Check those paws out!

He had the trail for himself with no other souls around....

Mr. Bob
the Kingcat.


  1. what a large animal! Great shots

  2. Awesome photos. He is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Just found your wonderful blog and became a follower. Love your photographs! Thanks for sharing your adventures.

    1. Thank you Theresa, every day that I'm able to be out there is such a blessing and I love to share it.