Sunday, April 3, 2016

Lighthouse beach park

A front filled with rain came through and the north winds picked up - some cool weather is in the air now and I have hopes that some migrants will be dropping by until they can resume their flight north.
While I wait and look patiently, I take time to observe our regulars along the trail - a Mourning Dove was taking a respite from the whipping winds.

The Osprey on the other hand was 'business as usual' - feasting on fresh fish.

A short walk on the beach provided sights of Dolphins cruising by the water's edge and hundreds of washed up shells.

When I came back to the trail - there were a group of birders with their bins up and there they were: 6 Indigo Buntings.

And that, folks, was the extent of my sightings of migrants for today, perhaps some were hunkered down and will show up tomorrow - time will tell. Happy Birding!

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