Saturday, April 2, 2016

Yellow-crowned Night Heron

I went out to the Lighthouse this morning in the hopes of finding some migrants but it was too early apparently - a front is supposed to pass through this area a bit later today, so I will have to return. In the meantime - a visit to the Indigo Trail at Ding Darling seemed to be a good alternative. A pair of Yellow-crowned Night Heron was observed from the education platform, take a look....
I saw this pair with Elaine a couple of weeks ago and again this morning.

It was at the same location and we both recalled how we noticed that one of the Heron has yellow/brownish legs and wondered about it....shouldn't both Heron have the bright red legs during mating season?

They continue to add sticks to the nest but we are not seeing any eggs yet.

Either way you look at it - they are beautifully stunning birds and a joy to watch.

It's always fun to visit Ding Darling - worth the trip. And who knows, you may even get to see one of those Mangrove Crabs along the way.

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