Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bonus day - Bowman's Beach

I found myself with a few extra hours and as such opted to go and visit Bowman's Beach - a venue that I always enjoy and today did not disappoint either....the blue skies, tons of shells and peaceful times with the birds.....come along and see....
Bowman's Beach has ample parking and plenty of amenities (showers, bathrooms, playground, exercise loop, kayak/canoe launch and picnic tables) - from there it's a beautiful vista over wooden bridges before arriving to wide and quiet pristine beaches......

emphasize on the quiet.

My 'go to' bird today - the Wilson Plover

One of the new offspring

An untagged Reddish Egret was looking for some breakfast - too early for dancing at that point.

Another Wilson Plover

Toe prints in the sand - my guess: a Yellow-crowned Night Heron

This Wilson Plover looks young and scrawny but I believe this to be an illusion from its posture..

and I say that because it has a black band across its chest - indicating that it's a breeding adult.

Without skipping a beat - several Black Skimmers flew on by - probably heading to Fort Myers Beach and/or Bunche Beach to join others.

Well, as it is usually customary - all good things must come to an end and it's time for me to go - I take time to look back and a moment to express my gratitude....

there are more things to do and more decisions to make....starting with this fork in the road....either way, I believe it will eventually all be okay.

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