Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday = Beginnings

It's Monday, let's start a fresh week!
I see the moon is still up - so I lace up my shoes and head to the beach.
Along the boardwalk - a Southern Toad is watching me go by.

....and there she is, in all her glory....

amazing how it looks with a actually resemble a melon with its 'navel'.

I turn around and witness another day in its infancy with all the brilliance of its glory....

I'm ready for whatever the day will bring.

Ha! A Snowy Plover will do.

And perhaps some golden Sea Oats gently blowing and bending in the wind.

It helps to remain pliable and go with the flow.

After getting my fill of golden hues, I came home to be greeted by this pair of Carolina Wren....

"New Beginnings" indeed!

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