Saturday, September 3, 2016

Kingbirds & Peewee after the storm

After several days of gusty winds and intermittent rain, we were finally blessed with clearing in the weather laced with baby blue sky. 
As I was washing my car I noticed several Eastern Kingbirds in the neighborhood - well needless to say I abandoned my task, quickly grabbed my bins and camera and off I scooted for closer looks....oh boy, come along and see.....
A Yellow-throated Warbler is always a welcomed sight.

Oh My! This is my first time spotting this specie around my house - an Eastern Wood Peewee

A Red-eyed Vireo is also a nice sighting.

Interesting that the Peewee hangs around with the Eastern Kingbird

Quite a looker, wouldn't you say?

I have to be honest, I don't see these very often and I was trying to make it something else - like an Alder Flycatcher....oh well, can't blame a girl for trying.

Here's a few of those Eastern Kingbirds - I counted almost 2 dozen - how cool is that!

Another Peewee - this one has darker feathers around its belly.

I told them to stay in one tree but only a few agreed, you'll just have to take my word that I saw nearly 24 of them.

Can you stand another pic of this Peewee?

Or maybe a mouse? They are cute but not quite my favorite.

And tonight before the sun went down - I stepped outside and revisited with the Kingbirds and Peewee and then I was blessed with 6 Common Nighthawks! I'd say this was a great day and quite nice to have our birds returning! Happy Birding!


  1. The Yellow Throated Warbler is so eye-catching. I've never seen a Peewee! Great job France!

    1. Thanks Adele. Those Peewee are quite the acrobatics by the way they fly off the branch to go catch a bug in flight before zooming back to the branch and repeating the same action over and over again. And the Yellow-throated Warbler, as the photo suggest, can mostly be found within the fronds of a palm tree in search of insects. Lovely birds.

  2. You live in the perfect neighborhood France! So much bird activity you don't have to go anywhere else!

    1. Hemant, I am blessed to be where I am and so glad that some of those birds are visiting me though I have to admit that I still day dream of far away places and yearn for those exotic birds that are beyond my reach.