Thursday, October 6, 2016

Bits and pieces.

I had the opportunity to stop at the Bailey Tract in between days of working with the Sea Turtles and with the Shell Museum - I was rewarded with the sighting of.....
a beautiful Summer Tanager who was feasting on the berries of the Fig Tree.

Within that cluster of Fig Trees was a mini warbler frenzy - I could hardly keep up with them and trying to i.d. them as they flitted by quickly.

In the distance I spotted this Mockingbird which I thought odd because of its brown color but a good source assured me that it was a youngster - I learn something new every day!

A beautiful male Osprey watched us as we went by.

Look at this Anole and how it is color-morphing, just AWEmazing.

A pair of Gulf Frittilary flew by and landed long enough for good views and photos too.

Great views of the outer and inner coloring.

Our last sighting was this Marsh Rabbit that had this huge growth under its chin, he hopped and grazed in a normal manner though - so that was good. You just never know what you'll come across when out in the natural world.


  1. Poor little rabbit. This will be our legacy.
    The anole seems to be of the green variety, much longer and slimmer than than the brown
    variety. They have been supplanted like the mourning doves by the Eurasion collared doves.

    1. Since this post was written I heard of many sightings such as this Marsh Hare though not as such a 'large' growth. Seems like the wildlife also has its own share of pain and growing disease as the human population does - if only they could talk.