Thursday, September 22, 2016

Migration time at the Slough

Migration was heating up at the Slough this past week and it makes me wish that I lived nearby so that I could hop over on a daily basis. In any event, I had the opportunity to visit on Monday and enjoyed seeing/being part of this 'heaven on earth' that the slough exhumes while walking over the water - on the boardwalk that is. 
Several photos were taken and some of them were decent, take a look for yourself.....
My first interesting sighting was in the early morning hours and way up at the top of the trees, after watching it for a bit - I started to recognize

that I was admiring a Baltimore Oriole - the size, the shape, the bill and the wing bars were my main clues - the computer helped me to clarify its identity.

And then, toward the end of our boardwalk enjoyment - we were blessed with quite an exciting viewing....

right in front of us - at eye level - we had this large group of birds show up.....this Worm-eating Warbler,

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher,

Yellow Warbler,

Prairie Warbler and

Carolina Wren all of a sudden gathered together and voiced some sort of excitement - they were obviously disturbed over something.....

we watched with excitement and awe and soon realized why they were so....

it was this Yellow Rat Snake that caused all this excitement - eventually the birds left the area, the snake resumed its descent down the trunk and no one was hurt in the process.

And this, my friends, concluded yet another memorable morning at the Slough.


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