Monday, October 31, 2016

Visiting the Pond Apple/Shipley Trail

There is something to be said about having an entire trail to yourself with the company of nature - it was pretty peaceful out there with only the faint hum of commuters heading to work in the background, making me realize how sweet it is to have a day off and how much I appreciate it.
It was also really nice to come across the Eagle pair - aka - Dairy Queen Eagles, they were hanging around the nest that has been in that Australian Pine for years now.

Though they didn't stick around and flew off shortly after I spotted them.

Not too far away I found a sign that I had not noticed along the path before - "The Littoral Zone" is a new term for me too.

I made it rather quickly to the retention ponds and I got excited to see those 3 Roseate Spoonbills - hey, let's face it - there isn't that many pink birds out there that are that striking in appearance.

The Great Egret came for a landing shortly after,

and so did the Great Blue Heron.

As I surveyed the area I notice that there was only one Wood Stork but I bet that will change very soon and soon we'll see the regular bunch hanging out before we know it.

An adult Pied-billed Grebe owned one of the retention pond.

It's so nice to have our Palm Warblers back - they like to stay ahead of me when I see them.

Oh good! The coast is clear - no gator laying across the path.

The Eastern Phoebes were chirping this morning unlike their usual "FeeBee" sound.

So far so good, let's enter the Shipley Trail.

Several Wrens greeted me along the way - this House Wren even peeked long enough for a photo.

I see a bird - do you?

Ha! The Red-Shouldered Hawk, keeping a close eye on things.

A Papaya Tree - looking mighty fine too.

The filled in lake is looking real good and I did find several birds around it.

Well, it is time to head back

paying attention to some of the Anoles - isn't it fascinating how the look like their surrounding in no time at all?

A Pileated Woodpecker was working hard for his breakfast - tilting his head and listening closely for the insects within the wood.

A White Ibis - you just never know where you're going to find them - this time around it's tippy top.

And just prior to reaching the parking lot - I found this Red-shouldered Hawk

Looking this way and that way

even though this pole was meant to hold the little tree as it grew, it turned out to be a perfect post for the Hawk - never mind the tree.

Fluffing up its feathers - it sure looked much bigger....

and I knew it was time for it to go - I bid farewell with gratitude for the opportunity to witness this beautiful bird and thankful for the free time on the trail.

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