Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas gifts

And so this is Christmas....another beautiful day in sunny paradise on earth - I am blessed to be living in such a beautiful island that happens to be my home in this day in time and so today I took a few short excursion to BE with this beautiful world.

I went to the Lighthouse point to observe the sun rise and watch as the wildlife became alive with a new day.
As always - I never regret getting up early in order to catch the beginning of a brand new day filled with new promises.

The Lighthouse in its Christmas glory.

I got back home for breakfast with my husband and I was glad to catch the perfume of the Orchid Tree as it drifted by - what a divine smell!

Later on, we made a quick visit to the Pond Apple Trail retention pond - I was surprised to be in the company of so many birds considering that it was mid-day.....and the fact that this Black-crowned Night Heron was out feeding.

I also noticed a few months old gator catching the rays.

This Snowy Egret strolled by - only a few feet away.

And then, this Green Heron stole the show for the day - right out in the open - giving us fantastic views. Holidays are different nowadays however nature is ever present and gives me much to reflect on.....peace on earth.

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