Monday, January 16, 2017

At the Bailey Tract

It is good to be here! I finally had a free day to go birding and I truly enjoyed my morning....several birds were out and I had the opportunity to marvel  at the warblers and their feeding frenzy - the Yellow-rumped were in great numbers and so were the Tree Swallows. In the meantime I captured this Gray Catbird who stood out in the open.

A lovely Tricolored Heron stood still - perhaps pretending to be part of those stumps.

Some Prairies and Northern Parulas were amongst the Yellow-rumped today - making it fun to watch.

This makes an interesting pair, don't you think?

Our last capture today was this green bee who was gathering pollen from this Thistle which was quite visible as it built up on its hind much work and so little time.

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