Sunday, January 8, 2017

Baby it's cold outside! is 40 degrees in S.W. Florida this morning with a wind chill making it feel like 33, so what's a girl to do but bundle up and go for a's tru the Wildlife Drive of Ding Darling we go....
Apparently I wasn't the only one feeling chilly this morning.....this Great Egret felt it too

and it wasn't long before it retreated under the mangroves and away from that gusty wind.

The Reddish Egret seemed to be the boldest one of them all - right out there in the open....hunger wins.

Several Night Herons were seeking shelters just like this Black-crowned was. After exiting the Wildlife Drive I opted to go to Captiva Island....

Same scenario here - the Willets sought shelter behind the breakers

They were most likely as cold as I was except that I decided to move to warm up.....and warm up I did as I walked the Captiva beach and exercised my "Sanibel Stoop" - a common term around here which refers to people's position while looking for seashells. On my way out with my prized possessions I noticed that the Willets were still in their little crook and crannies...."stay warm little fellows".

And, folks, these are now part of my new 2017 shell collection.

Shark eyes, Common Nutmeg, Lightning Whelk, Cone, Jewel Box, Scallop,

Banded Tulips,


Shark eye, Moon Shell and my prize pieces.....

Junonia and Lion's Paw - I will treasure these as they are extremely difficult to find in one piece - perhaps this year will be the lucky one.

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