Friday, January 27, 2017

Wilson Snipe & Gator surprise

A foggy morning greeted me at the Bailey Tract - I tend to enjoy those because they provide me with a state of serenity....and off I go.....come along and join me....
Do you see what I mean - can you feel it too?

A pair of Red-shouldered Hawk were quite vocal though and it made it easy to find them.

A quick skip over to the Sanibel Garden preserve rewarded me with great open views of a Wilson Snipe....

did you ever notice that the tail is coral in color?

Soon after a little Eastern Phoebe puffed and posed for a quick photo - thank you!

Back at the Bailey Tract - several Mottled Ducks are gathering up, some were quacking away and others were preening their beautiful feathers.

A fairly large Gator was spotted from across the pond - probably hoping for the sun to warm it up.

Side by side - a Common Grackle and a Yellow-rumped Warbler - a fun opportunity for size comparison.

A closer inspection of the Gator showed a satisfactory grin with the restful spot.

On my way out - a Gray Catbird looked at me and I thought to myself "How fortunate to be able to see so many species today right out in the open!" I shall keep alert for what comes next.


  1. Great snipe photo! Wilson's snipe show up in our local meadows in late March.I'm looking forward to it.

    1. It's always a nice welcomed surprise to find them since they usually blend so well with their environment. Happy Birding Larry!