Monday, February 6, 2017

Caracara Photo shoot

Elaine and I joined the Caloosa Bird Club this morning - the meeting place was at the Gator Hole. None of us could say for sure why it was called Gator Hole because there are no gators at that preserve, nor is there any water hole to speak of. This little spot can be quite a gem to visit and if you have the place to yourself it's nirvana.
In any event, today's highlight was the sighting of a Crested Caracara that appeared on the edge of the property and gave us good looks while it savored its road kill. I hope you'll enjoy seeing this bird as much as I did.

It was quite entertaining to watch it as it would gather pieces of meat and how it would retreat from the edge of the road when a car would zoom by - only to regroup and gather more meat.

I just noticed the blue color in its tail feathers and how it matches with its lower bill - nature is just perfect in every way!

Soon most of the meat was gathered and it flew off with the carcass dangling from its talons. A good sighting today for me and a good meal for the crested Caracara.


  1. Hey France- You encountered a Caracara carrying carrion! I'd like to remind all and sundry raptor fans that if you encounter road kill, make an effort to move it to the side of the road (be very careful about traffic yourself). This will help the raptors who may be in danger of becoming roadkill themselves.

    1. Good points, thanks Patch! This particular Caracara was already munching 'off' the roadway - so it was all good.