Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Stolen moments

It's been a bit since I posted, actually the last time I blogged was on the morning of my husband having a health episode. Life seems to have a mind of its own and I can honestly say that it is quite beyond my ability to control or fix for that matter. In any event - I am not here to gather sympathy but rather to say that I was able to steal some precious moments for myself and I chose the beach as my peaceful getaway.
I took a long walk along Bowman's Beach and took advantage of those lovely early morning hours and it was just what I needed, come along and enjoy those short respite with me.....
The birds were certainly not in great numbers but the few that I did see brightened my day - the Ruddy Turnstone always has a striking appearance.

Since it is Sea Turtle season I can't really be surprised when I come across a crawl however it always lighten me up and makes me smile.....

and another - this one a quick turnaround....Loggerhead Sea Turtle judging from the alternating gait.

The Sanderlings were stealing the show though with their bright summer plumage

And unfortunately that was all the time that I had - it was short but very sweet. On my way back across the little bridge I ended up with another encounter....

A mother Manatee with her young sweet is that!


  1. Hey France-
    So sorry to hear Tony is having more health issues. You are right--even a few minutes (or hours) spent with nature can so cure a lot of ills. My guy has had health issues since 1976, and is a (fairly) good patient, but we need to take care of ourselves, as well. Otherwise, how can you take care of him? Family's not much help, as, in my case, insisting you haven't done enough, but not really sharing the load. Without the birds and my reading, I would be in a rubber room by now! Take care of yourself, and him--With Love, Patch

    1. Thanks so much Patch - I hear you and I understand too - I am so grateful for those trails and for the summer sea turtle season as they bring the distraction that I need right now.