Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Mother's love

A mother's love - that's what I thought about when I was walking through the Bailey Tract this morning - come along and see what I mean...
In the Ani Pond - which is almost void of water - a family of Black-necked Stilt is busy growing up, one of the chick is seen here.

As I was watching, the parent came over and started to crouch down and soon after....

the chicks headed for the warmth and safety that the parent provides.

Shortly after the third chick came while the fourth stayed away.

A Killdeer was across the way.

Another pair of Black-necked Stilt is getting ready for its family along the Red mangrove pond.

Across the way I spotted a pair of Black Skimmers - they tend to visit the Bailey Tract during the late spring and into the summer time - always a nice sighting.

What's not to love with a family of ducklings - I'm glad to see that little group even if half of them are missing.

Another family in the making....

The Common Gallinule is sitting on the nest inside the reeds while the mate brings nourishment....the Green Heron just watched though it didn't seem to be very interested.

The Green Herons tends to be more visible around the time of their nesting season, I spotted 8 today - they are such 'still' creatures that at times they are hard to locate which creates a pleasure when detected....all in all this day gave me fuzzy feelings all over.


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