Sunday, May 7, 2017

Storms are great!

If you would have told me once upon a time that a storm would be a blessing - I would not have believed you. It turns out that every time a front comes through and pushes rain and wind our way it affects the migrants that are trying to head north for their breeding season, of course it's a bonus for us birders since we get to see them in their beautiful plumage. This weekend turned out to be particularly nice - we had Hummingbirds by the dozen in addiction to.....well....before I blurt it all out, come along and see....
Now, it's true that we see Black-and-white Warblers on a regular basis however some of them are migrating through and are so hungry that they don't care if you are only a few feet away - which provides us with ample good views.

One of the many Ruby-throated Hummingbirds that landed at the Lighthouse, interestingly enough they were all mostly females.....boy are they hard to photograph especially with a camera that takes forever to focus.

With the Great-crested Flycatcher - taking its photo is a lot easier. Don't you just love its attitude?

The Gumbo Limbo tree could have easily been called the Red-eyed Vireo trees as there were so many feasting on the ripening fruit.

Warblers, warblers, warblers ..... they were everywhere and we were all giddy about it. This Black-throated Green Warbler found a juicy bug.

A beautiful Chestnut-sided as well as many others - truly loved the Seagrape flowers and all the little bugs that were in it.

A Bay-breasted Warbler gave us ample views and much delight.

A very lovely Ovenbird - check out the orange crest!

After a bit we went to the Pond Apple Trail and had a delightful greeting when we entered - this Rose-breasted Grosbeak stopped us in our tracts.

Shortly after we found the bird we were looking for - an Eastern Wood Peewee - sweet!

This morning I returned to the Lighthouse and found more of the same - a female Rose-breasted Grosbeak feasting on the Gumbo Limbo berries.

Well, I felt really blessed because I had been wanting to find a Hummingbird for several months now and this weekend found a few dozen - I guess it pays to be patient. Thank you. My E-bird List for the Lighthouse.

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