Sunday, June 11, 2017

Babies, Coyote, Oh My!

We've been under a deluge these past couple of weeks and the landscape has changed quite a bit due to the excess water - causing some of the birds to change their hangouts. I ventured out this morning and I was lucky to stay dry however for the time being I had to rename the Bailey Tract to MosquitoeVille....if you go be prepared. Come along and see what was on my path today.....
Now that is interesting - I've never seen the Black-necked Stilts on the grass before

The chicks are really growing up fast, one of them even attempted to fly

I kept watching and I couldn't believe my own eyes that they were venturing down the street!

I hope they stay safe and are able to make their journey back south safely.

Not too far from there I caught sight of a family of Killdeer.

On my way back I spotted a Coyote in the distance, I think it spotted me at the same time too.

It did not let me get very close before sprinting out of sight and into the field - the field is flooded and I could hear two of them running away from me.

After getting back to my car for more mosquito spray - I decided to take a quick drive to the Indigo Trail at Ding Darling.

A family of Yellow-crowned Night Heron seems to be doing well.

Those chicks are growing up fast too.

Not too far was another Yellow-crowned Night Heron pair.

A pair of Green Heron that recently fledged their nest.

Back for another look of those Yellow-crowned Night Heron - it's hard to stay away from watching those two.

They have such cute expressions that begs captions.

A Great-Blue Heron made a quick appearance.

And this concludes my visit for today - stay tuned for my next adventure.

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