Thursday, July 25, 2013

Full Moon

 The moon has been full and it is always magical when that takes place. I especially enjoy this when I'm
 heading to the beach to do the turtle patrol. The moon is like a beacon that provides a bright light - which shows me the way. Don't get me wrong,  the turtles do not necessarily nest during the full moon - however it
 does affect the tides and it makes for a pleasant beach walking morning. This time of the year - we still have turtles nesting on our beaches AND we are on the look out for possible hatches. This morning, I specifically
looked for the tell tale of little flippers heading to sea.....not yet.....I guess they are not quite ready.


  1. Love your moon shot. I would love to see the baby turtles on the beach. Look at all those track, wow Great post! BTW, thanks for the visit and comment on Birding is Fun!

  2. Love the picture of the moon over the ocean. So serene.