Sunday, August 11, 2013

Red-shouldered Hawk

 What a lovely visit!
 There I am, sitting and reading about "birding", when out of blue sky comes this Red-shouldered Hawk.
 At first I thought he landed to investigate his next meal but then figured that he/she was hot and needed a break.
 Soon, it started to move and I knew that he was getting close to take off....
 and sure enough....there it went.
 So, I settle back down again, this time reviewing my pics in the camera and poof - he re-appears but now it's right in front of my room. I'm glad that I have this anti reflective film on my window - this way he can feel at ease and take his time doing whatever he was intending to do.....
 Which turned out to be a foot bath. Funny, he must have seen me earlier when I was watering my potted plants....looks like I will be putting more water in that basin so that he could take a body bath too.

 Also interesting how the statue's hand seems to be resting on his head...I think he likes her.


  1. Good exposure in difficult light.

  2. Thanks. I am grateful for the digital technology - it definitely is helpful for me. I have to admit too that my subject made it easy by sitting still.

  3. What a wonderful visit from a feathered friend. Your photos are amazing.

  4. Wow!!! What a wonderful opportunity. These pictures are FANTASTIC . The colors are amazing. He is just gorgeous... :)

  5. Love the pics and your explanation of the experience along the way; how fun!

  6. Love the photos and thanks for sharing this experience with us all. That must have been quite a site in person too!

    1. Yes, it always is. He's a regular in my yard and the visits are precious, I feel really lucky when I happy to be around.