Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Peck Park

What a precious little gem of a trail. This was mentioned to me on Birdbrain as a suggestion for birding while visiting Hobe Sound - I was glad that I checked it out.

The sign for the trail is away from the main parking lot. It is a small trail and was very quiet - I was there twice and saw no one else.....just nature and me.

First a boardwalk, then a dirt trail.

A Mourning Dove - he had a dreamy yellow color on his belly and most likely caused by the light.

Look who came to sit on the railing while I was approaching - a Black throated blue warbler - I got excited and the quality of my photo shows that.

This little guy was very fast and always hiding - I could never get a positive i.d. on him, however, the folks from the birdbrain listserver have volunteered the information that it is a Black and White Warbler.....and I offer a big thank you for that. Ummm, not too many of my field guides have a view of the warblers from down below - it's no wonder it is such a challenge - but oh what fun!

A green Anole - always a pretty sight.

The perfect ending to a birding expedition.
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  1. That looks like an inviting trail with those very nice landscape shots. I'll work on the mystery bird; sometimes, with just a little bit of marks, an ID can be made. That was very nice the Black-throated Blue Warbler came out of hiding and was in the open. It is so hard to get those warblers out of the clutter of the trees.

    1. Warblers are wickedly fast and acutely aware too. Tomorrow morning with the migrants flying through our Lighthouse Area - might very well produce many mystery birds for me.

  2. The green anole looks pretty proud of himself posing for his picture. The blue warbler is not very big, but love the color of him.


    1. I love 'blue' birds and this morning I saw two Blue Grossbeaks - very cool!