Sunday, September 15, 2013

Florida Scrub Jay

Today seemed to be a good day to venture out to North Cape Coral to visit the Florida Scrub Jay. I remember attending a lecture from the San-Cap Audubon group at the Sanibel Community House about the Florida Scrub Jay - I had found the stories fascinating about this particular bird and how family oriented it is as well as being very friendly with people. Some good sources provided the location where I could go and see for myself.

We came across the "sentinel" of the group perched on the wire not too far from the trees and bushes that we'd heard about and were looking for.

Soon after another Jay landed within the vicinity of the tree.

And another. I went back to the car to get my husband - so that he could see the beautiful jays.

 I was thrilled to see those birds so close and so pretty.

 I have a feeling that I enjoyed the experience more than they. The Florida Scrub Jay is distinguished from other scrub-jays by its white forehead and eyebrow; shorter, broader bill, paler back with a distinct collar and a very long tail. This family has cooperative breeding system; the fledged young remain on territory and help rear big happy family, so it seems

I walked around a nearby area that was filled with wildflowers - also wanting to catch a closer look of the meadowlark that I had spotted entering the thick and dense shrubby area, but no luck there.

On my way back, I saw another Shrike - one of many that I had seen on this day. At last it was time to wrap it up - the Scrub Jays had retreated to their thickets and it was time to do the same.

I love this tree - "Tree of Life" - is what I am calling it and for good reasons .... for the short moments that we were there - this tree was buzzing with joyful life - I have been blessed once again.


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  2. What a wonderful bird encounter. Your pictures are fantastic.

    1. Thanks Carol, you would have loved the experience.

  3. Mr. T is very brave holding his hat with a bird on it... Once again you got some great shots.

  4. Nature is really starting to wonder where you went to... Lol