Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Morning

Made my way to the Lighthouse point this morning - hoping to catch sight of migrants but the power that be had other plans for me. The weather was iffy to begin with and as soon as I got on the beach, it started to down pour. The birds seemed to enjoy the fresh water and they rested peacefully while facing the wind.

As I watched, I started to notice how the Black Skimmers that had been lined up in the front, made their way to the back of the group - soon after the process repeated itself.

Isn't it interesting how the bill looks so small when seen this way!

Soon they started to leave, a few at a time.

This one gave me the impression that he was showing the proper technique for take off from a stand still position.

There seemed to be a break in the weather and soon they were gone.

I am not complaining that I didn't get to see any migrants because any day out there birding is a good day....rain or shine.

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